The contribute of the CWS in the assessment of

mood disorders and suicidal ideation

This webinar is aimed at those who already use the CWS in their professional practice and have achieved the necessary competence in this method.

Depression, “the dark evil”, “the evil of the century”, is undoubtedly one of the most widespread disorder in the clinical field but, at the same time, also difficult to define given the various forms, sometimes subtle or dissociated, with which depression occur. Suicidal ideation has always been one of the most controversial, difficult, and problematic clinical evidence to identify. Specifically, the CWS has for years experimented and now applied the IST index (Index of Suicidal Tendencies) which has proved to be an index of high sensitivity in detecting these aspects.

The objective of the seminar will be achieved through the presentation of numerous clinical cases and the comparison between CWS and other clinical tools, primarily Rorschach and MMPI-2.

There is a limited number of places that will be assigned based on the order of registration.

Registration must be received by September 18th, 2021, and must be sent to the IIW Secretary:

The cost of the seminar is € 90,00 euros + VAT (if required).


This seminar is aimed at professionals with experience in psychodiagnostics.




(Timing to be determined depending on if it happens for

Europeans or American colleagues)


1h and 30’

Mood disorders and suicidal ideation in the CWS

 15’ Coffee break
1h and 45’

Clinical cases

 1h Lunch break
1h and 15’

Clinical cases

 15’ Coffee break

Clinical cases





ISTRUCTOR: Alessandro Crisi, Psy.D. Visiting Professor Denver University, Colorado, USA and UDEM, Monterrey, Mexico; adjunct professor at Sapienza University of Rome; Founder and President of the Italian Institute of Wartegg; Member of the I.R.S. (International Rorschach Society); Fellow of the S.P.A. (Society for Personality Assessment); Member of the Board of Assessors of Rorschachiana, Hogrefe Publisher; Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Rorschach Congresses, 2011 & 2022; He has written (2018) “The Crisi Wartegg System (CWS): manual for administration, scoring, and interpretation, Routledge, New York.

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