Always within a test battery, the new CWS can be applied in the following work areas:

  • CLINICAL ASSESSMENT: the CWS can be administered from 4 and a half years onwards and allows a global description of the client’s personality structure based on the numerous formal indices derived from the scoring. For the interpretation it is possible to use a specific software.
  • CIVIL AND CRIMINAL COURT: particularly suitable for the analysis of individuals in developmental age in cases of custody, abuse and violence. In adults, it contributes, administered with other tests, to the evaluation of parenting skills and the overall psychodiagnostic evaluation.
  • SELECTION/RECRUITMENT: in this sector, a specific software makes the CWS extremely effective as a first screening and allows an evaluation of the examinee articulated on three different but interacting levels: descriptive, by criteria and by categories.
  • GUIDANCE (SCHOOL AND PROFESSIONAL): also, in this field a specific software evaluates 3 areas of extreme interest and precisely: affective-relational; of thinking and productivity. Within each area some indices are evaluated (for a total of 19 indices).
  • RESEARCH: for its evaluation skills, for the extreme ease and speed of administration and marking, thanks to a specific software that allows you to create a database of all the Wartegg indices relating to population studied, the CWS is increasingly proving to be the ideal tool for psychosocial research.

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