The IIW offers specific training activities on the Wartegg test, and more in general in the field of psychological assessment through trainings in the most relevant psychological tools (Rorschach, MMPI-2, etc.).

The main target of the I.I.W. is to promote in the various professional areas of application (clinical, forensic law, recruitment and selection, career advice, research) the evaluation capabilities of the Crisi Wartegg System, an original methodology of interpretation developed by Crisi (1998, 2007, 2018).

The IIW also offers supervision, consulting and a scoring service.

Finally, it organises various monthly events, discussions of clinical cases, technical demonstrations, conferences, and seminars.


The Italian Institute of Wartegg S.r.l. (I.I.W.) mission is to:

  • promote the use of the Wartegg Test according to the CWS (Crisi Wartegg System);
  • conduct scientific research, both in Italy and abroad, aimed at developing the methodology and spreading the utilisation of the Wartegg Test, also devising applicative software.
  • participate in and organise conferences, meetings, and professional exchanges both in Italy and abroad.
  • offer lectures and training in the Wartegg methodology and in personality studies techniques.
  • create, promote and sell data, databases, application software, research, tools and techniques and all intellectual properties and scientific know how of I.I.W.
  • use the Wartegg test in private industries, public organizations, and institutions and in the education sector.
  • apply the Wartegg test in clinical and forensic areas, both in the private and public structures.
  • sell our products and services in Italy and abroad, also through retail and wholesale agencies and licensees.

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