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26 Aprile 2021 :
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CWS guidelines for remote mode WDCT administration 6 Luglio 2020

Among the many problems caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, we must also include the one related to the difficulty, like for psychotherapy, of being able to carry out a psychological assessment. In attachment, you will find the CWS guidelines for the remote mode administration of the WDCT elaborated by the IIW thanks to the contribution of Alessandro Crisi and Jacob Palm. At present, an experiment on this method is underway in the United States  conducted by our colleague Raja David, Ph.D.

Linee guida per la somministrazione del Wartegg in modalità remoto.pdf


Through a certification process, as it happens in most of the world, the IIW's willing is to guarantee the participants of its training activities the possibility of having the quality of their training and acquired competence documented and recognized. In the attachment you will find described the phases through which it is possible to obtain our certification.

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29 Maggio 2021 :
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4 Giugno 2021 :
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12 Dicembre 2018 :
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Supervision/ Consultation Group 22 Settembre 2020

The IIW has begun a series of Supervision/ Consultation Groups focused on the clinical use of the Wartegg Drawing Completion Test (WDCT) according to the Crisi Wartegg System (CWS).  These groups will be led by Professor Alessandro Crisi or, in case of his unavailability, by IIW collaborators. Supervision/ Consultation Groups are available to colleagues who have completed training in the CWS, gained experience in the use of the Wartegg according to the CWS, and currently utilize the Wartegg consistently in their professional activity. The goal of these meetings is to consolidate and deepen expertise in clinical and forensic use of the Wartegg (including with children, adolescents, and adults), and to further develop the integration of the CWS with other frequently used diagnostic tools (i.e., Rorschach, MMPI and MMPI-2-RF, WAIS, AAP, EMP). Each group will consist of 5 participants, and over the sequence of group meetings, each participant will have the opportunity to present a clinical case. Therefore, each supervision/ consultation sequence will consist of 5 sessions each lasting 1½ hours.  Attendance at all meetings is expected.

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